Modern Lobby

Vray rendered scene of a modern lobby. Take me 3 hours to finish the rendering.

Stylist Internal Design

Recent done interior visual for Queensbay residential condo, I team up with an interior firm from Singapore named PO3 Interiors Pte ltd. I'm impress by their very strong conceptual idea.

Underwater Restaurant

Pangkor underwater restaurant. Fine rendering take about 30 hours to complete.

Queensbay Waterfront Interiors

Recent done interior visual. Designed by Philippians

Hunza Paragon - Heritage Building

Previous Upland International School been convert into commercial area. Looks fantastic!!!

Landed Living Hall

Interior perspective for a spacious landed house in Tanjung Bungah.

Evening Scene

Evening scene of IJM Maritime Square. Time spend in producing these images around one week. 40% on creating 3D, 60% on photoshop touch up.

Highrise Living Style

2 totally difference concept of interiors design, showing highrise living in Bukit Mertajam for my recent project. Render in vray scene and do light balance in photoshop.

Living Hall - Resort Lifestyle

Living hall scene, done in 3dmax with Vray renderer. Background scenary added in photoshop.

City Night Scene

Recent done residential building's proposal with night scene.

Summer Place Project

Artist impression of Summer Place Project from IJM.
3d done in max by scanline rendering; landscape, background scene & touch up work in photoshop.

Modern Bedroom

Modern bedroom rendering.

Night Scene of a Hi-rise Building

2 proposal of night scene of a hi-rise building in city center of KL. 3D build up in Sketchup render in Max and finally touch up the image using photoshop.

Balinese Swimming Pool

Balinese swimming pool scene.
Model build in 3d max9 with Vray light and background, trees plugin in Photoshop.

The Different Presentation

Original Perspective

Painting effect (photoshop touch up)

Recent job of a single storey bungalow. As usual i done the 3d in 3dmax and do super-imposing in photoshop. After that, i convert it into chinese painting effect.

Although are the same design same view, different effect do comes out different quality don't u think so?

Commercial Complex

New commercial complex in town with unique & modern design. It plays with cutting, linings, steel structure & reflected glass that makes the building conceptury hi-tech look.
Image done with AutoCAD, 3dmax9 & photoshop.

Streamer Design

Property's streamer design that I'd recently done.
I add in project logo, company logo & contact no. and ignore all the detials, fency information such as building outlook, location map, plans, etc. to make it look more class.
Sometimes curiousity do created sales!

Brochure Design

Brochure (front pages)

Brochure (back pages)

Design work for client. Job included 3d perspectives, location map, logo design and 3 folded brochure design.

High tech or Contemporary?

1st Proposal (Lobby in cold atmosphere)

2nd Proposal (Lobby in colorful atmosphere)

My recent work - Celcom lobby area. Rendered 1st proposal at the early state which is the cold atmosphere, after many times of amendment and changes untill comes out the 2nd proposal which is the final approval one.
When put both 1st & 2nd proposal together. I kinda like the 1st proposal more because its look more high tech & classy modern compare to the 2nd proposal's contemporary colorful look. What do u think?

Water Village, Sabah

The inspiration is come from a picture in one National Geography magazine, which shows a water village in Sabah.
Each house have its unique roof and they are built in a high density.

Political Comics

Malaysia's political comics which shows the situation after election 2008.

UMNO - 82 parliamentary seats are won by opposition. UMNO's political power being challenged.
DAP - 100% victory in Penang State, 28 parliamentary seats . Biggest winning ever. The sweetest time ever!
PKR - Always the middle man between DAP & PAS.
PAS - hudud (Islamic) criminal law in Kedah are denied. Hurray!!
MCA - Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting step down? Get the support?
Gerakan & MIC - What is left?

Sometime Photoshop Helps a lot

click to view bigger image

Close up view that I had tried recently.
Thinking to add the blur effect in 3dmax but rendering takes too much time, so I've decided to add the effect by using photoshop.
It does save a lots of time!

Color Pencil Effect

One of my free time testimonial. Eye level view of a hi-rise building in city.
I convert the rendered 3d image to be more manual (color pencil effect) by using photoshop.

My recent jobs. Same technic using 3dmax & photoshop.

Modern Interiors

These are perspectives designed by Gus So.
Works done with 3dmax9 + Vray.
Modern interior with warm atmosphere and filled with earthy tone.